As of 1st September 2016
Evolution from ECOLINE to CLX / CMX



From a separate product to the technological solution - build up your own machine!


From a separate product to the technological
solution – build up “your own machine”

The goal of new DMG MORI basic machines is more modularity that gives us as DMG MORI the possibility to offer our customers more technology, quality, new solutions, options and future technological development. With all that, DMG MORI establishes the new standard in this segment.

3D Controls


Software Solutions



3D Controls

Variety of 3D control technology is one of the most important features for the basic machines to become even more innovative and competitive in the industry.

As an example: With the new CMX V machines the broad range of 3D controls consist on 3 different control types, each of them serve to bring the productivity to the next level. Based on the inquiry it is possible to equip the machine with SIEMENS multi-touch control, MAPPS IV on FANUC or newly available HEIDENHAIN.

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Variety of applications

The new generation of the basic machines with wide range of options brings new possibilities to equip the machines relevant for any production demand.

As an example: Y-axis with travel of +/- 60 mm as one of the unique options is available with the new CLX 450 and allows to make milling operations on turning machines and therefore increases the range of field for different applications.

Selected main options
  • CLX 450 Options
    • New Balanced pressure for standard cylinder
    • New Double catridge filter
    • Coolant Spray gun rated at 5 bar
    • Y-axis ± 60 mm
    • Tool measuring probe in the working area
    • More powerful coolant pump, 12 bar
    • 8 freely assignable M functions for SIEMENS
    • Automatic front door
    • Mechanical oil mist filter
    • Collet chucks
    • Hydraulic three-jaw chuck
    • Set of hard or soft jaws
    • Set of tool holders
    • Clamping kit
    • Direct measuring system (X/Z)
    • Rear chip conveyor
    • DMG MORI Powertools
  • CMX 600 / 800 / 1100 V options
    • New rotoFix clamping system for LEHMANN table
    • New Laser BLUM NT F-140 probe for tools
    • Chip conveyor (scraper type, left side)
    • Chip conveyor (scraper type, rear)
    • Through spindle coolant supply (ICS)
    • Tool changer window for front loading / unloading
    • Tool holder
    • Spray gun for chip removal
    • Touch probe kit measurement sensor (spindle + table)
    • Direct measuring system (X- / Y- / Z-axis)
    • 4-colour signal lamp
    • Electronic handwheel
    • NC-Rotary table
    • External programmable M-function
    • PROGRESSline
    • Tropical package
  • CMX 50 / 70 U options
    • New Laser BLUM NT F-140 probe for tools
    • New Air blast through the spindle
    • CAT 40, BT 40 tool holders
    • Direct measuring system X, Y, Z
    • 4-colour signal lamp
    • Coolant spray gun for swarf removal
    • Oil- and emulsion mist separator
    • Rotoclear – rotating clear-view window
    • Electronic handwheel
    • 10 free M-codes
    • Cabin roof
    • Automatic door
    • DMG MORI Powertools
    • WH 10 workpiece handling
    • Touch probe-kit
    • PH 150|8 pallet handling system
    • Rotary joint for hydraulic or pneumatic clamping
    • Tool loading / unloading through magazine door
    • TPA-package
    • PROGRESSline
    • Adaption to main frequency 60 Hz
Software Solutions
Technology cycles

DMG MORI software solutions offer enormous potential for the optimisation of productivity and efficiency. No longer does anything stand in the way of realizing your idea on a CLX / CMX machine.

As an example: Take the advantage of the quick and easy precision machining with the 3D quickSET® available on the CMX U machines. A special toolkit for checking and correcting the kinematic prevision of four – and five –axis machine configuration. Available for all head variants and all table axes.

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Technology cycles availabillity
Technology Cycles CLX 450 CMX 600 / 800 / 1100 V CMX 50 / 70 U
MSC - Machine Security Control
Easy Tool Monitoring
3D quickSET®
Technological solutions

Automated processes now offer the highest potentials for an increase of productivity with basic machines for a broad range of manufacturing. At the same time, consistent production quality is achieved. This leads to economic success and the growing pressure of rising costs is countered efficiently.

As an example: The WH 10 workpiece handling solution is best suited for loading CMX U machines with workpieces up to 10 kg.:

  • Complete machining via additional operations
  • 6-axis industrial robot
  • Flexible system with the largest storage capacity
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Variety of industrial fields

The entire range of leading technological performance of DMG MORI opens up with CLX / CMX machines. 

As an example: the CMX V machines can achieve outstanding high-efficient machining with additional axis thanks to high-speed and high-precision Lehmann or DDRT NC rotary table.

Basic machines have no focus on specific industries (e.g. Die & Mould), but can be used in various industrial application fields.

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Tel.: +48 62 7428 254 mariusz.derbich@dmgmori.com