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  • More than 1,500 DMG MORI machines per year for the automotive industry
  • Global competence partner for the best support, maximum availability and comprehensive turnkey projects
  • Intelligent monitoring functions for maximum process safety
  • Holistic system configuration for unique production solutions

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DMC H linear – Highly dynamic linear drives with 1 g acceleration and maximum continuous accuracy.

  • Linear drives in all axes up to 100 m/min rapid traverse, 1 g acceleration and a chip-to- chip time of 2.5 seconds
  • Maximum continuous accuracy, e. g. for down to 6 μm roundness
  • NC rotary table or swivelling rotary table for 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • 17.2 m2 space requirement, including pallet changer and chip conveyor

650 × 355 × 390 mm
ZF 8HP gearbox housing
Material: Aluminium

500 × 300 × 250 mm
Crankcase housing / automotive
Material: Aluminium

i-Series – Highly productive concept for series production of 4-cylinder engines.

  • Patented Z-axis kinematics of the spindle: Maximum stability due to angled guideway
  • Low moving mass due to X / Y / Z spindle traverse: High machine dynamics for short chip-to-chip times; Optimal chip discharge through the machine bed
  • Footprint of only 6.7 m2

410 × 180 × 120 mm
Cylinder head
Material: Aluminium

350 × 410 × 230 mm
Cylinder block
Material: Aluminium

NZX-S series – Compact turning centres for series production of shafts.

  • Space-saving construction for production lines with short traverses and optimised spindle power and feed
  • Thermo-symmetrical construction for consistency of spindle centre position and maximum machining accuracy
  • Optimal access to workpieces and tools
  • Vertical construction for optimal chip discharge

ø 150 × 560 mm
Material: GG20

ø 40 × 470 mm
Material: GG25

CTV 250 DF – Vertical turn-mill centre for machining constant velocity joints.

  • Maximum dynamics from the turn-mill swing arm (TM) with 90 rpm direct drive and a swivel range of +105° / –45°
  • TM swing arm for up to two HSK-C63-F80 milling spindles, 6,000 rpm, 14.5 kW and 46 Nm (one milling spindle as standard)
  • Additional Capto C5 holder for multiple tools with up to four cutting edges

ø 18 mm ball diameter
CV joint AC ball inner race
Material: 20MnCr5

ø 18 mm ball diameter
CV ball plunging joint
Material: CF53

NRX – Highly productive double spindle turning centre for series production.

  • Maximum turning diameter ø 180 / 150 mm (turning specification / milling specification), chuck size maximum ø 200 mm (8")
  • Maximum productivity due to world’s fastest workpiece loading in just 5.6 seconds
  • Parallel loading of one spindle while the second spindle is machining
  • Two 8-station (optionally 10*) turrets for optimal chip discharge
  • Excellent accessibility to chucks, tools and transfer system

    * MC configuration: Standard

ø 120 × 80 mm
Wheel hub
Material: S53C (JIS)

ø 60 × 100 mm
Material: heat-treated alloy steel