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NEW DMG MORI Condition Analyser – 60 sensors in the machine monitor the machine status.

Measurement, visualisation and analysis of force, vibration, temperature and lubrication.

From BIG DATA to SMART DATA – record and analyse machine data with direct feedback to the customer for maximum machine productivity.

  • Analysis of individual machines, multiple machines at one site or across sites.



  • NC program optimisation
  • Early detection of machine faults
  • Analysis of damage causes
  • Saved data for long-term analysis

i4.0 sensor package

for improved accuracy and increased process safety:


  • Advanced Sensor Control – Analysis of power and compressed air consumption as well as coolant control
  • Temperature Control – Displacement compensation and precision alignment
  • Machine Protection Control (MPC) – Preventive protection with vibration sensors on the milling spindle
  • Easy Tool Monitor 2.0 – Tool breakage and wear monitoring


  • Machine Protection Control (MPC) – Preventive protection with vibration sensors on the milling spindle
  • Spindle Growth Sensor (SGS) – A sensor designed to determine and compensate for spindle growth
  • IKZ flow monitor – Internal coolant supply flow monitoring to determine the necessary coolant output

each only £ 8,800

* for all CTX beta and gamma TC machines with the compactMASTER® turn-mill spindle.

** for all monoBLOCK®, duoBLOCK® and portal machines in conjunction with IKZ 600 / 980 / 2,500 | (40 / 80 bar); Not with gear-driven spindles.

Customer story

Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co.KG

Ready for Industry 4.0 with intelligent sensors and networked software.

Dr. Stefan Spindler
Director Industrial
Schaeffler AG

“Together with DMG MORI we will further develop our digitalised production solutions for our own production and for DMG MORI customers. The valuable practice experiences we have gained in our factory in Höchstadt with the digitalised DMC 80 FD duoBLOCK® and the positive resonance from the market form the basis for this approach.”

Continuous use of the DMC 80 FD duoBLOCK® in the factory of Schaeffler Technologies in Höchstadt an der Aisch.

Rotary table bearing YRTMA with integrated angular measuring system.

Linear recirculating roller bearing and guideway assembly RUE 4.0 with piezoelectric acceleration sensors.

Passion 4.0 for Machine Tools: With mechatronic bearing systems and “domain know-how in rolling bearings” towards digitalised solutions in the Machine Tool 4.0. Benefit from the new possibilities in digitalisation with micro-services from Schaeffler, such as automated rolling bearing diagnosis and residual life calculation of rolling bearings.

  • Predictive maintenance by means of monitoring force, vibration, temperature and lubrication.

Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co.KG