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“Highly dynamic, high repeatability laser texturing and paint removal using optimal laser focus.”

LASERTEC 65 Shape: 5-axis laser texturing / paint removal from a steering wheel mould.

Thorsten Miebach, Director Laser Technologies, at Standex in Krefeld.

1 Know-how of the holistic CAD / CAM process chain.

2 Measuring the mould geometry with a 3D scanner.

Since 1967 Standex Engraving / MOLD-TECH with its more than 1,000 employees is renowned for the development and manufacture of plastic products with high visual and tactile surface qualities as well as absence of warpage. “We are the only texturing company with a global network consisting of 35 subsidiaries”, explains Thorsten Miebach, Director Laser Technologies. He manages the laser competence centre of the worldwide Centre for Coordination and Grain / Texture Development in Krefeld. Since 2013 the company has installed nine LASERTEC Shape machines in Germany, China and the USA. “Above all, the Shape technology opens up creative possibilities in design and texturing and is often more economical than etching” according to Thorsten Miebach. The high dynamics and precision of the DMG MORI machines is an important aspect too: “At the time of acquisition of the first LASERTEC Shape, it was the only machine on the market, capable of texturing our dashboards with a laser with the required quality and within the specified time and with repeatable accuracy. As a result of our positive experience with this machine, our global capacity expanded continuously.” But Standex is more than just a structuring service provider. “We set very high standards for ourselves. We continuously develop individual and innovative solutions for our customers, that have an effect on the entire texturing industry sector.” Investment in new, innovative technologies is part of the business. “For our operation in China we will acquire a LASERTEC 210 Shape to optimally serve the automotive industry in this important market.”

Standex International GmbH
Kölner Str. 352, D-47807 Krefeld