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DMG MORI SYSTEMS – Customer story


“RPP system-integrated NHX 4000 improves efficiency of high-mix low-volume production.“

Medical equipment component machined by comprehensive features of the NHX 4000 with a max workpiece swing diameter of 630 mm.

Executive Director Shuhei Wada has every confidence in DMG MORI’s prompt service and machine stability and accuracy.

WADA Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1957, expanded into the medical equipment field after relocating to Numazu Iron Industrial Park in 1973. Since then the company has specialised in machining of precision parts for cuttingedge medical equipment for a major medical equipment company. “We have been commended by the customer several times for keeping to strict delivery schedules despite our distance from them, while maintaining high product quality,” says Yoshihisa Wada, President of the company, looking back on the company history. Advanced medical equipment such as MRI and CT scanners requires quick responsiveness to high mix, low volume production as well as high precision. “For the first time in Japan, we employed the 5-pallet RPP (Round Pallet Pool)-integrated NHX 4000.” A normal pallet pool system requires a footprint twice as large as the size of a machine. With the RPP-integrated NHX 4000, the floor space requirement is 50 % less. The decisive factors for our purchasing the machine are the capability for unmanned operation during the night; high reliability, durability, stability and precision that the DMG MORI machine is offering and prompt service,” explains Shuhei Wada, Executive Director of the company. “We previously used multiple machines and set up multiple processes to meet quantity requirements. But with the NHX 4000 + 5RPP, which is able to perform unmanned operation during night, the required number can be achieved on one machine. We now can respond to urgent requests to machine a single component by always having one of the five pallets available and ready.”

WADA Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Numazu Iron Industrial Park
294-26, Ashitaka, Numazu City,
Shizuoka 410-0001