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“Thanks to the new manufacturing cells consisting of three 5-axis machining centres with a total of 580 tool pockets and 112 pallet positions, we can now manufacture more than 4,000 different workpieces highly flexibly and fully automatically.”

Flexible manufacturing cell with two DMU 60 eVo, one DMU 70 eVo, one robot on the 7th axis and CAD / CAM connection to the process control computer for controlling the machine and tooling requirements as well as order prioritisation.

Since the start of the 20th century, ZAHORANSKY AG has been acknowledged as the leader in automated manufacture of brushes. At the head office in Todtnau-Geschwend, approximately 300 employees attend to the development and manufacture of special machines for the production of twisted brushes, household brushes, technical brushes, toothbrushes and their packaging. Small batch sizes and one-off production are the order of the day. “This requires a high degree of flexibility, especially regarding swarf management”, according to Lothar Wagner, Manager Production of ZAHORANSKY AG. This flexibility was expanded in 2015 with a manufacturing cell from DMG MORI. During the turnkey project, automation experts from DMG MORI linked three 5-axis machining centres – two newly installed DMU 60 eVo and one DMU 70 eVo dating from 2007 – via a robot. “This was carried out while production continued”, remembers Lothar Wagner. For ZAHORANSKY, this automation is a bespoke solution with stringent demands on the flexibility with which workpieces must be produced. The range of components presently comprises more than 4,000 part numbers, with components made of aluminium, steel and even stainless steel in varying sizes. Therefore a large number of tool positions and pallet positions is required. Besides the 120 or 210 tool positions in the machines, the robot cell has space for 130 additional tools, which can be supplied to any of the machines fully automatically. “The same flexibility exists for the pallets”, explains Lothar Wagner: DMG MORI Systems have set up 112 shelf positions.” With only six standardised clamping devices, all components can be covered. “All pallets fit into every machining centre.” Thanks to the six loading stations, idle times during loading are reduced to a minimum. “We now have sufficient buffer capacity, so that employees can load without having to wait.” ZAHORANSKY works in two shifts, but the manufacturing cell is loaded so that it can autonomously run overnight and into the weekend. The Manager Production states: “We aim for 6,000 running hours per year on each machining centre.”

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