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DMU eVo linear 5-axis specials

Our 5-axis packages at an unbeatable price!

Available with CELOS® on SIEMENS or with HEIDENHAIN.


Standard with immediate effect: Chip conveyor, spray gun and MPC.
Delivery times starting at just 8 weeks!

Delivered ex works from Seebach.

DMU 60 eVo linear – Unbeatable 5-axis technology with a price advantage of more than £ 12,000!

DMU eVo linear

  • Linear drive in the X-axis and Y-axis for maximum precision and dynamics with up to 80 m/min rapid traverse
  • Swivelling rotary table for 5-axis simultaneous machining with swivel angle of 115° and 400 kg load capacity
  • speedMASTER® spindle with 20,000 rpm and 130 Nm as standard
  • Optimised gantry construction for maximum stability with low space requirement and optimal access
  • Optional with mill-turn technology or twin pallet changer


DMG MORI Technology Cycles

  • Conversational programming
  • Up to 60 % faster

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Clear advantage of 5-axis technology from DMG MORI.

Customer story


“The high stability of the DMU eVo allows us to machine titanium components for the aerospace or medical industries with maximum precision.”

John Kenny (middle), Managing Director JK Engineering, together with two of his dedicated specialists.

5-axis machining on a DMU 60 eVo.

Complex aluminium workpiece for Formula 1.

Artificial titanium joint for the medical sector.

Aluminium gearbox housing.

The origins of JK Engineering, which was founded in the UK in 2001, are as manufacturing service provider for Formula 1, where precision parts are the order of the day. The company in Kings Langley fulfils similarly demanding manufacture for the medical, dental and electronics sectors and – since its certification to AS 9100 and ISO 9001 – in the aerospace and defence industries as well. 25 competent and dynamic specialists are employed by JK Engineering. A modern workshop consisting of 14 machining centres and turning machines from DMG MORI form the subcontractor’s core manufacturing capacity. 5-axis universal milling and automation are prominently represented.

“We operate in a fast-moving market with high demands on quality” John Kenny, Managing Director of JK Engineering, states in summarising the daily challenges. His team has quickly learned not only to comply with these market requirements but to exceed them. “We can only remain competitive if we consistently expand our know-how and invest in the most modern machining technology.” The introduction of 5-axis machining seven years ago was a result of this philosophy. “The DMU 50 from DMG MORI was in our opinion the first really reliable 5-axis machine” John Kenny remembers about the purchase. Besides that, the compact model with its small footprint fitted perfectly into our production environment. “With 5-axis machining we were able to significantly reduce the number of set-ups, which gave us a big advantage over our competitors.” At that time the competition was still using 3-axis machines.

JK Engineering has been loyal to DMG MORI ever since. Ten of the total of 14 DMG MORI machines are 5-axis models: three DMU 50, five DMU 40 eVo and two DMU 60 eVo, the latest with a pallet changer. John Kenny points out another decisive feature of the machines: “Thanks to the stable construction and the powerful spindles we can work productively and accurately, especially during heavy duty machining.” Accuracies of 10 μm are routine. “The temperature management of the DMG MORI machines also contributes towards precision.” The fact that JK Engineering manufactures in air-conditioned factory units makes their pursuit of top precision self-evident.

For JK Engineering, 5-axis machining was only the first step towards sustainable process optimisation. “Automation is the key to the most efficient utilisation of our capacity”, according to John Kenny. Robots and loading equipment are indispensable for unmanned manufacturing overnight and at weekends. “The robots provide additional flexibility for small series production, because we can easily adapt order priorities as required – and without long set-up times.” In addition, automatic loading of the machines eliminates inaccuracies due to manual set-up. John Kenny looks to the future with optimism: “Our technical competencies combined with reliable and accurate machines from DMG MORI are helping us to deliver the most demanding components quickly and at competitive prices.”

JK Engineering Holdings Ltd.
Unit 2 Leewood Farm, Harthall Lane, Kings Langley,
Watford, Herts, WD4 8JJ.,

Customer story

“Thanks to the DMU 80 eVo linear we are now 4 times faster when machining superalloys – achieving an accuracy of ±2 μm.”

Factory Director, Hidenobu Shigeki visited 30 potential customers a month when the company experienced a sharp decline in orders triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. His sales activities, brimming with vitality, led to today’s growth and success.

Tomoei Seimitsu’s elite operators who skillfully run the DMU 80 eVo linear (From left to right: Satoshi Sumitani, Hitoshi Nagao, Junji Oki and Hayato Ikenaga).

“Our company mainly manufactures prototype parts for air conditioners, automobiles and bicycles. Most delivery time requirements are demanding, for example one week or even only two days.” Factory Director Hidenobu Shigeki explains the difficulties inherent in prototype manufacturing. According to the company, they are not allowed to compromise on accuracy, no matter how short the delivery time. Most orders require a dimensional accuracy of within ±2 μm. Moreover, some prototypes use difficult-to-cut materials such as Hastelloy.

“In order to ensure high accuracy, we constantly control the small temperature differences between the upper and lower parts of the machine and conduct quality inspections on every machined workpiece. “Every time we receive an order, we are taking on the challenge of shorter delivery times while maintaining high accuracy” says Shigeki. Tomoei Seimitsu has invested in plant and equipment to accommodate rapidly increasing order volumes and has purchased nine machine tools over the past two years.

“Among those machines, the one that is particularly contributing to boosting our productivity is the DMU 80 eVo linear,” says Production Director Hitoshi Nagao. He also praises the performance of the DMU 80 eVo linear saying, “Equipped with optional linear drives, the machine achieves approximately four times greater productivity in 3D shape machining compared to other companies’ machines.” The output of the DMU 80 eVo linear is by far the highest of any 5-axis machine in the factory and almost all of the operators want to use it, “Use eVo if not in use” has become a catchphrase among them.

Production Director Nagao explains the reason for that. “eVo is easy to use even during machining that requires high accuracy and high speed. Its excellent accessibility due to the wide door opening also makes setup easier.” Factory Director Shigeki speaks about his hopes for the company’s future from a management perspective, DMG MORI machines offer good space efficiency and can achieve extremely high productivity per unit area. We would like to further increase production rates, and are aiming to hold a dominant position in the prototype manufacturing field.”

Tomoei Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
2-2-11, Nakano-cho-higashi, Tondabayashi City,
Osaka 584-0022