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NTX 1000 – Customer story



“With in-process measurement and a reliable machining concept we manufacture high precision blade inserts on the NTX 1000, virtually unmanned.”

Klaus Wehr, Manager Manufacturing for tool carriers at Ingersoll in Haiger.

5-axis simultaneous machining of blade inserts for milling cutters on the NTX 1000.

Milling cutter loaded with a few hundred blades.

The product portfolio of Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH ranges from 0.1 mm drilling bits for the dental industry up to 5,500 mm special tools for shipbuilding. At the Head Office in Haiger, the company, in close cooperation with customers from all industries, produces individual special tools for heavy duty machining, accounting for 90 % of production. This includes highly complex roller slicers fitted with a few hundred HSS blades. Highly demanding geometry and precision are a matter of course. Machining of these blades has been implemented since 2014 on a NTX 1000 from DMG MORI.

“While we normally manufacture our tools as individual pieces, these blades have batch sizes of up to 3,000 units” explains Klaus Wehr, Manager Manufacturing of tool carriers at Ingersoll. With a bar loader, automatic workpiece retrieval and in-processs measurement, the NTX 1000 is ideally equipped for this series production – to a large extent unmanned. The turn-mill centre also satisfies the complexity demands: “We position the workpiece using the C-axis for 5-axis simultaneous machining. Thanks to the tailstock and the stable machine concept, we comply with all specifications for geometry and accuracy.”

Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH
Kalteiche-Ring 21 – 25, D-35708 Haiger

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