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24 exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles Your assistive systems for efficient programming and maximum machine safety.


Up to 60 % faster programming of complex machining cycles through automatic generation of the DIN program:

  • Easy windows-based conversational input of parameters
  • No need for a CAD / CAM system, e. g. in the manufacture of threads and gears

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Selected examples:

1 Interpolation turning – recess turning cycle

Easy manufacturing of sealing surfaces and recesses on milling and turning machines through circular interpolation of two linear axes.

“I can even perform eccentric turning operations although I do not own a turning machine.”

only £ 3,070*

* Available for all turn-mill machines and milling machines with CELOS® and SIEMENS.

2 Multi-thread cycle 2.0

Production of multi-start threads with free definition of contours, pitches and angles.

“Without an expensive CAD / CAM system I can generate complex thread geometries, directly on the machine.”

only £ 3,030*

* Available for all turning and turn-mill machines with CELOS® and SIEMENS.

3 Off-centre turning and milling

Creation of eccentric turning and milling contours by overlaying the turning movement with additional X- and Y-axis movements.

“Instead of using a complex CAD / CAM system, I only have to enter a few parameters.”

only £ 5,040*

* Available for all turning machines with Y-axis and milling machines with CELOS® and SIEMENS.


Straight and angled external or internal spur gears as well as splines, without interference or damage.

“An ingenious machining process! I now manufacture my gears up to 8 times faster than with gear shaping.”

only £ 10,600*

* Available for all turn-mill machines and mill-turn machines with CELOS® and SIEMENS.