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  • More than 1,500 DMG MORI machines are delivered annually for the Automotive Industry
  • Global competence partner for superior support, superior availability and end-to-end turnkey projects
  • Intelligent monitoring functions for maximum process safety
  • All-inclusive system modules for unique manufacturing solutions

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DMC H linear – highly dynamic 1 g linear drives with long-term precision.

  • Linear drives for all axes with up to 3,937.0 ipm. rapid traverse, 1 g acceleration and 2.5 second chip-to-chip time
  • Maximum precision, e.g., up to 0.0002 in. of roundness
  • NC-rotary table or swiveling table for 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Machine requires 185.1 ft.2 of space, including pallet changer and chip conveyor

25.6 × 14.0 × 15.4 in.
ZF 8HP Gear Housing
Material: Aluminium

19.7 × 11.8 × 9.8 in.
Crankcase / Automotive
Material: Aluminium

iSeries – high productivity design for series production of 4-cylinder engines.

  • Patented Z-axis spindle kinematics: maximum stability thanks to two guides arranged at angles
  • Low mass movement due to X / Y / Z spindle travel: highly dynamic machine for short chip-to-chip times; optimal chip fall path through the machine bed
  • Occupies only 72.1 ft.2 of installation space

16.1 × 7.1 × 4.7 in.
Cylinder Head
Material: Aluminium

13.8 × 16.1 × 9.1 in
Cylinder Block
Material: Aluminium

NZX-S Series – Compact turning centers for series production of shafts.

  • Space-saving design for production lines with short travel and optimized spindle performance
  • Thermo symmetric arrangement in relation to the spindle center for maximum machining precision
  • Optimum accessibility for workpieces and tools
  • Vertical basic setup for optimum chip fall

ø 5.9 × 22.0 in.
Material: GG20

ø 1.6 × 18.5 in.
Material: GG25

CTV 250 DF – vertical Turn & Mill Center for machining constant velocity joints.

  • Maximum dynamics thanks to turn & mill (TM) oscillating link as direct drive with speed of 90 rpm., range: +105 / –45 °
  • TM oscillating link for up to two milling spindles at 6,000 rpm., 19.4 hp. and 33.9 ft. / lbs. (Default: one milling spindle)
  • Additional Capto C5 Holder for multi-tool with up to four cutting edges

ø 0.7 in. Ball Diameter
AC Ball Hub
Material: 20MnCr5

ø 0.7 in. Ball Diameter
VL Steering Knuckle
Material: CF53

NRX – highly productive dual spindle turning center for series production.

  • Max. turning diameter of ø 7.1 / 5.9 in. (turn / mill specification), chuck size up to max. ø 7.9 in.
  • Maximum productivity thanks to world‘s fastest tool loading (5.6 sec.)
  • Parallel loading of one spindle while the other is machining
  • Two 8x (optional 10*) revolvers for optimum chip fall
  • Excellent accessibility for chucks, tools and transfer system

    * MC Model: Standard

ø 4.7 × 3.1 in.
Wheel Hub
Material: S53C (JIS)

ø 2.4 × 3.9 in.
Material: Heat-Treated Steel Alloy