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˝Highly dynamic, faithfully reproducible laser texturing and finish application via optimal laser focus.˝

LASERTEC 65 Shape: 5-axis laser texturing / application of finish to a steering wheel mold.

Thorsten Miebach, Director of Laser Technologies at Standex in Krefeld.

1 Know-how across the spectrum of the CAD / CAM process chain.

2 Measuring tool geometry using a 3D scanner.

Since 1967, Standex Engraving / MOLD-TECH, with over 1000 employees around the world, has been known for the development and manufacturing of deformation-resistant, visually and haptically attractive surface structures for plastic products. ˝We are the only texturing firm with a global network composed of 35 branches,˝ explains Thorsten Miebach, Director of Laser Technologies.

He directs the laser competence center in the International Center for Coordination and Grain / Texture Development in Krefeld. Since 2013, Standex has installed a total of nine LASERTEC Shape machines in Germany, China and the USA. ˝The main thing that the Shape technology has done for us is open up the possibility of more creative designs in texture, while also often proving more economical than etching,˝ says Thorsten Miebach. He also points to the highly dynamic operation and precision of DMG MORI machines as an important aspect: ˝When we acquired the first LASERTEC Shape machine, it was the only machine on the market that was capable of reproducibly texturing our dashboard panels with the right quality and in the right amount of time using lasers. Thanks to the good experience we have with this machine, we have been able to steadily grow our global capacity.˝ But Standex is more than just a structuring service provider. ˝We set the bar very high for ourselves. That allows us to keep developing customized and innovative solutions for our customers that echo throughout the entire texturing industry sector.˝ Investments in new and innovative technologies are of course a part of its business: ˝In China, we will be purchasing a LASERTEC 210 Shape specifically to enable us to better serve the automobile industry in this important market.˝

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