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˝The NHX 4000 equipped with the RPP system is the ideal solution for unmanned production of many components with low piece counts.˝

Components with diameters up to 24.8 in., e.g., for an MRI or CT machine, are machined on the NHX 4000.

CEO Shuhei Wada has been completely won over by the fast service and high precision of DMG MORI machines.

After its move to the Numazu Iron Industrial Park in 1973, WADA Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1957, began specializing in the field of Medical Technology. Since then, the company has been machining precision parts for the latest medical devices of a major medical device producer. ˝One customer praised us several times for always meeting our deadlines while delivering very high quality,˝ recalls President Yoshihisa Wada, looking back on the company‘s history. Modern medical devices such as MRIs and CTs require a high degree of flexibility regarding number and variety of pieces, all with maximum precision. “We were the first in Japan to use an NHX 4000 with 5-slot rotating pallet positioner (RPP).˝ A traditional pallet pool system requires twice as much space as one machine. Thanks to the RPP incorporated in the NHX 4000, this space requirement has been cut in half. ˝A critical factor in our decision to purchase the machine was the possibility of leaving the machine to run unmanned overnight; the extremely long service life, stability and precision of the DMG MORI machines and the fast service,˝ explains CEO Shuhei Wada. ˝We used to run production on multiple machines with different processes in order to reach the desired number of pieces. Thanks to the NHX 4000 with its integrated 5-RPP system for unmanned production, we only need one machine now. We are now able to react to urgent machining requests by holding one of the five pallets in reserve for emergencies.˝

WADA Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Numazu Iron Industrial Park
294-26, Ashitaka, Numazu City,
Shizuoka 410-0001