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˝Thanks to our new manufacturing cell consisting of three 5-axis machining centers with a total of 580 machine tools and 112 pallet slots, we can now produce over 4,000 different workpieces automatically and with a high degree of flexibility.˝

Flexible manufacturing cell with two DMU 60 eVo units, one DMU 70 eVo, one 7-axis CAD / CAM coupled robot and the master computer for controlling the machine, tool demand and job prioritization.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, ZAHORANSKY AG has been a leader in automated brush production. With approximately 300 employees at the corporate headquarters in Todtnau- Geschwend, they are dedicated to the development and manufacturing of special machines that produce twisted brushes, household brushes, technical brushes, toothbrushes and their packaging. The order of the day at ZAHORANSKY AG is small lot sizes and single item productions of machine components. ˝That requires a high degree of flexibility right at the machining level,˝ says Lothar Wagner, Head of Production for ZAHORANSKY AG. The first effort at achieving this flexibility occurred in 2015 in the form of a manufacturing cell from DMG MORI Systems. As part of this turnkey project, the automation experts at DMG MORI interconnected three 5-axis machining centers, two newly installed DMU 60 eVo units and one DMU 70 eVo dating from 2007 with each other via a robot. ˝This was done practically in the middle of ongoing production,˝ recalls Lothar Wagner, ˝We were even able to continue production during the installation phase.˝ For ZAHORANSKY, automation with regard to the great demands and flexibility of the workpieces being produced is a very customized solution. The component spectrum to date includes more than 4,000 workpieces of different sizes made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel. This requires a large number of tool and pallet slots. In addition to the 120 or 210 tool slots in the machines, the robot cell also has slots for another 130 tools that can be changed into each of the machines automatically. This same flexibility was applied to the pallets, Lothar Wagner explains, ˝DMG MORI Systems setup 112 shelf slots here. They are able to cover all the components using only six standard clamping systems, so all of the pallets fit into each machining center.˝ Thanks to the six loading stations, idle times due to tool loading have been reduced to a minimum. ˝We now have enough of a buffer that employees can inspect and load with no wait times.˝ ZAHORANSKY operates in two shifts, but the production cell is equipped so that it can also run automatically overnight and into the weekend. The head of production also adds, ˝We are shooting for 6,000 operational hours per year, per machining center.˝

Anton-Zahoransky-Strasse 1
79674 Todtnau, Germany