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CTX gamma TC – Customer story



˝It was DMG MORI technology that justified a major investment. The CTX gamma gave us a huge advantage.˝

Kevin Kucala (left) and Boris Soldo (right) working on the CTX gamma 2000 TC.

Boris Soldo President of Solmac, holding a complex part machined in one chucking.

OD helical gear part with 60deg helix.

Purchasing the CTX gamma 2000 TC has transformed Solmac, Inc, a precision machine shop in Williamsville, NY, from a maker of simple components into a manufacturer of highly complex parts. It has also opened doors to new markets, including Aerospace, Petroleum, Automotive and Renewable Energy – to name a few.

When they purchased the CTX gamma 2000 TC in 2012, Solmac, Inc. President, Boris Soldo, expected it the to transform his company. “We wanted to do things more efficiently,” Soldo explains. The CTX gamma 2000 TC delivered big-time by cutting three to four setups down to one or two, and making five-sided and eightsided machining possible. It could also machine parts in one chucking. “You’re not going to do better,” he confirms.

“By purchasing the CTX gamma, my goal was to offer our customer machining services on highly complex parts as well as price reduction on simpler parts that needed multiple setups before. The time saved on material handling alone justified the investment and allowed us to stay competitive and offer the latest technology to our customers,” Soldo explains.

Solmac, Inc. became a more advanced and efficient shop. It was manufacturing large complex components, which helped them differentiate from the marketplace. “Not too many shops our size invest in this type of equipment”, says Soldo. “The bottom line is that the CTX gamma 2000 TC has delivered on the toughest applications, and certainly justified the investment”. Without it, Soldo explained that he wouldn’t even try to manufacture many of the parts that come his way daily. “One thing I know for sure,” he concludes. “I can manufacture them with this machine.” It’s the CTX gamma 2000 TC that he can trust to get the job done.

Solmac, Inc.
1975 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville, NY 14221

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