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NEW: Adaptive measurement module


Customer story


˝Thanks to the ability to automatically measure components and adjust milling settings, we now have zero error production.˝

Christian Farthofer, CAM Programming and Herwig Riess, Head of NEM Production at voestalpine in Linz, next to the DMC 80 U duoBLOCK®.

Programming the measurement steps on the NX CAM to allow for automatic correction of milling parameters when machining on the DMC 80 U duoBLOCK®.

Founded in 1954, the foundry, voestalpine Gießerei Linz GmbH, has been developing and producing slide valves for punching and shaping machine tools for the automobile industry since the 1990’s. Greater customer demands are requiring a higher degree of measurement accuracy in these slide valves. ˝We have to meet these accuracy demands within shorter and shorter delivery schedules,˝ says Herwig Riess, Head of NEM Production. That was the impetus behind a collaborative effort between DMG MORI, JANUS Engineering AG and Renishaw to add an Adaptive Measurement Module to the DMG MORI Process Chain. The current parameter from the in-process measurement can now be fed 100% automatically into special cycles during 5-Axis Machining on a DMC 80 U duoBLOCK® and adjusted in real time. Accuracies of < 0.0002 in. can be achieved regardless of shape and positional tolerance fluctuations in the component. The measurements for the slide valves are stored in the CAM program and performed automatically between machining steps. According to Herwig Riess, ˝The system detects and compensates setup errors or kinematic inaccuracies completely autonomously.˝ This removes the need for manual measurement procedures and eliminates tedious areas of quality control. ˝ In short, we are achieving a reject quota of nearly zero percent.˝

voestalpine-Straße 3, A-4020 Linz