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24 exclusive DMG MORI Technology Cycles Your support systems for efficient programming and the highest level of machine safety.


Up to 60% faster programming of complex machining via automatic generation of DIN programming:

  • Easy input of settings in user friendly dialog based input screens
  • No need for CAD / CAM systems, e.g., in the manufacturing of threading and gearing

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A few examples:

1 Interpolation Turning – Turn / Cut Cycle

Easy manufacturing of sealing surfaces and recesses on milling and turning machines using circular interpolation of two linear axes.

˝I can now do lathe machining and off-center work, even though I don’t have a lathe.˝

2 Multi-Threading Cycle 2.0

Positional thread machining with unlimited definition of contours, slopes and threads.

˝I can create complex thread geometries right on the machine without the need for an expensive CAD / CAM system.˝

3 Off-Center Turn & Mill Machining

Create off-center turning and milling contours by superimposing additional X- and Y-travel options.

˝Instead of having to use a complex CAD / CAM system, I now only have to enter a few settings.˝


Straight and offset, outer or inner cylindrical gears and splined shaft gearing without damaging the projecting edges.

˝An ingenious machining process! I can now produce my gearing up to eight times faster than before when planning.˝