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  • Perfectly matched synergy between machine, tool and machining strategy
  • Industry know-how starting with technical advice up to provision of customer-specific turnkey solutions


  • More than 20 years of aerospace competence
  • Holistic technology solutions up to turnkey process development across machines: Machine design, tools, clamping systems, programming
  • Future-oriented and innovative additional development of processes and machines, e. g. Additive Manufacturing
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    Michael Kirbach, Manager Aerospace Excellence Centre

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Typical aerospace components

ø 950 × 400 mm
DMC FD duoBLOCK® series
Material: Titanium 6-4

High precision complete machining with milling and turning on one machine in four set-ups.

ø 450 × 120 mm
DMU monoBLOCK® series
Material: Titanium 17

Dynamic 5-axis simultaneous milling of blade profiles with swivelling rotary table and direct drive in the A- and C-axes.

ø 1,500 × 750 mm
Intermediate housing
DMU portal FD series
Material: Titanium 6-4

Simultaneous 5-axis machining of the intermediate housing for aviation turbine by milling and turning.

ø 300 × 300 mm
Undercarriage component
NLX series
Material: Steel

Heavy machining with box ways with optimal damping characteristics, milling with BMT® turret with 100 Nm.

ø 130 × 290 mm
Landing gear cylinder
NTX series
Material: Steel

Simultaneous 5-axis machining; simultaneous machining with bottom BMT® turret as second tool carrier.

600 × 500 × 45 mm
Pylon support
DMC duoBLOCK® series
Material: Titanium 6-4

Complete machining with powerful motor spindle powerMASTER® with 1,000 Nm and heavy duty machining in one set-up.

1,200 × 200 × 200 mm
Aileron component
DMF 180
Material: Aluminium

Dynamic machining of long slender components up to 6,000 mm long at speeds up to 18,000 rpm.

ø 450 × 470 mm
Jet for rocket engine
LASERTEC 3D series
Material: Stainless steel (X5CrNiMo 17-12-2)

Complete 5-axis machining – laser deposition and turning on one machine.

ø 180 × 80 mm
Turbine housing
LASERTEC 3D series
Material: Inconel / Copper

Complete 5-axis machining – laser deposition and milling on one machine.

ø 380 × 420 mm
Camera housing
Material: Silicon nitride

Final machining of sintered semi-finished part in multiple set-ups.

Heavy-duty machining package for the 4th Generation duoBLOCK®

Up to 50 % better chipping in titanium with a simultaneous reduction in tooling costs and improved surface finish through:

  • Hydraulic clamping of the NC rotary table
  • Damper shoes in the Y-axis*
  • Software optimisation for heavy duty machining ATC*

    * Available in conjunction with SIEMENS CNC control system

Up to 454 cm3/min in Ti6AI4V

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Optimal for heavy duty machining!
NEW: 5X torqueMASTER® with 60 % higher torque (1,800 Nm) and 180° swivel range.